Free Stock Chart Sources


Stock Charts is one of the best sources for end-of-day charts and is my go to source for breadth indicators. If you didn’t know, their charts update live on refresh.

Free Stock Charts has been around for at least three years. Their charts are linked to the BATS exchange which allows them to provide live intra-day charts. They also provide a lot of breadth data and are the only place I know of where Zweig Breadth Thrust can be found.

Trading View also links to the BATS exchange so they also provide free intra-day charts. I have not used them as a source for breadth indicators, so I don’t know if they provide that kind of data.

You can download and use the Ninja Trader software for free. You’ll only get end-of-day data. Supposedly there is a way to get intra-day data from Yahoo Finance, but I’ve never really messed with it. Nice thing about Ninja Trader is that you can have as many indicators and oscillators on the chart as you want and you can save templates so you can look at various chart setups by just switching to another template.

I used their charts a few times but needed more indicators. This was a while ago and things may have changed since the last time I played around with their charts. They’re based in Europe so you can access data from there.

Futures Charts at

This used to be Forex futures but has recently been bought out. Here you can watch the futures 24hrs if you like. The charts should be used as reference only as they’re not always accurare and there’s a Disclaimer at the bottom of the page that explains why. Also, be advised the the S&P e-mini trades in 1/4 point increments not the 1/10th point increments that show up on these charts. Still, these are good charts for following the futures if you don’t have a futures account.

Live futures at

USA Stock Futures provides real-time trade data, including the number of contacts for each trade for the Dow E-Mini, the YM, the S&P E-mini, the ES, and the Nasdaq 100 E-mini, the NQ.  You can also use the link to track Gold and Oil, as well as a couple of others. If the site shows up in Chinese, then the little buttons above the price & contract size screen will get you to the futures contract you want to follow.

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